Creation and Why

The founder, a Navy Wartime Veteran, Former Wife, and Mother – Cynitra T Anderson conducted many studies as well she was a victim and/or witnessed to terrorism, unfair practices, discrimination, military sexual assaults, domestic violence, homelessness, and poverty.  While experiencing my own mental challenges, she started studying people with mental challenges and decided to pursue her Associates,  Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates degrees in Information Technology for Homeland Security and Counseling Psychology.

She states “Everyone has some kind of mental challenge/ illness, and it is how we deal with it which will either break society or make society.”

While conducting  25 years of research and studies, she pondered that many organizations do offer some resolutions to many problems, but it still lacks some important information – The Truth.

“The truth will always set you free…to do whatever that is needed for you.” – Cynitra

“Growing up as a child and being a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma & DV, has inspired me to be a better steward and healer to our society and world we live in…follow  and act upon your dreams and many things can come true for you!” – Cynitra

I co-created and have a passion for healing mental challenges…It is hard work and no one really wants to do what Heavenly Father is calling me to do. With His help, I shall not fail or quit. – Cynitra

Founder is a member of National Guardianship Association and Michigan Guardianship Association.



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